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Freedom info No Prices

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Ted’s Email Reply as of 2-20-17

Freedom Info No Prices


We’re thrilled that you’re interested in learning more about our Boat Sharing programs via We are now partnering with Freedom Boat Club in Chicago and we believe you will love what they have to offer.

Freedom Boat Club has been around since 1989 and was new to Chicago in 2013.  We are an alternative to boat ownership.  We own the boats, you get unlimited use of them with your club membership.  We do all the maintenance, storage, cleaning and prep.  You use the boats, pay for the fuel you use, and enjoy your time on the water without having to do all the rest of the work that comes along with owning a boat.

Freedom Fleet: The 15 boats are moored at Monroe Harbor on the north end of Lake Shore Drive and at the Ogden Slip behind North Pier on the Chicago River in Streeterville.  The boats range in size from 20-30 feet long and our from brand new to just a few years old. Brand name boats such as: Jeanneau, Regal, Hurricane, Rinker, Key West & Aqua Patio

Boats Available In Chicago 

All our memberships provide you with two Skippers on the membership.  The Skipper is the person who receives training, can check out our boats, bring out friends, family and pets up to the capacity/limits on the boat. The Skipper is also the person who has access to our reservation system to reserve specific boats/times by using the Rolling Reservations provided with each membership.

Our basic membership has four Rolling Reservations; the reservations are considered “rolling” because each time you use one of your time slots, you can make another reservation.  This process enables easy and unlimited access to our boats.  You always have spontaneous use of the boats if they are not reserved – just call the dock that day and they’ll let you know if we have availability.

All our memberships provide for year-round access to the entire Freedom Boat Club network.  You can use clubs all around the country and check boats out at other location for no additional cost.  Currently there are 115+ clubs around the country with new locations opening often.  All our membership also has access to our private party dock, Lilly pads, paddle boards, kayaks, seminars, events and continuing education.

We have varying levels of membership depending on how/when you anticipate using our fleet.  The Freedom and Weekday memberships are for our powerboats and the Sail membership is for our Sailboats (new in 2017).  You can add Sail to a power membership at a discount.  The Freedom and Sail membership allow a Skipper to reserve a boat any day of the week and the Weekday membership provides access to reservations Monday – Friday.  However, all membership including the Weekday membership have access to boats 7 days a week if they are available and do not require a reservation to be used.

If you’d like more information or have any questions on the above, please let us know.  We hope to see you on the Freedom Boat Club dock soon.

Membership Options
Sailboat Only Membership
Powerboat Weekday Use only Membership – (Monday – Friday)
Powerboat Full Membership

Add on a Sailboat to your Powerboat Membership


You can also always reach us by email or phone 312-593-1180


Ted Widen

Sales Associate

Freedom Boat Club