How it works

How Does itWork?

The concept is simple- we offer you the opportunity to fully experience the joys of boating without the ancillary costs or hassles of ownership.

Here is a summary of how it works:

1)  We have 3 time slots per day: 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm & 7-10pm

2) Each member gets 12 Weekends Slots, 18 Weekday Slots

3) Use our reservation system to book your trips

4) You get safe-boating training, ongoing assistance, and encouragement.

5) Enjoy boating on Lake Michigan

We provide training in Boating Basics, on the water skills and Navigation – all designed to give you less hassle and more boating enjoyment!

Cost of Owning a Boat
2016 Hurricane 2486
Purchase price $50,000
Year 1 Years 2-15
Down payment $10,000
Taxes at 10% $5,000
Annual loan payments, $40K at 7% for 15 Yrs. $3,600 $3,600
Insurance $1,000 $1,000
Slip Fees – Belmont Harbor Chicago $4,000 $4,000
Storage Indoors $2,000 $2,000
Annual Maintenance Avg $1,500 $1,500
Replacements & Upgrades $2,000 $2,000
Annual Costs   $29,100 $14,100

Call us to see how much less expensive sharing is than owning a boat. Nothing to think about!

Boating made better-it’s about time!

I look forward to providing you with a great boating experience this season.

Ted Widen

Phone 312-593-1180