In Chicago we have a 5 month season (May-September) and has 150 days of boating.

Two time slots per day Morning: 9am-2pm, Afternoon: 2pm-7pm, or band them together and take the boat out for the entire day.

We have found most people in Chicago only take a boat out for 3 hours at a time, so why make a time slot 8 hours long.

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A share would get about 31 slots per season or 6 slots per month 2 Weekend & 4 Weekday.  Clients can band slots together so they can take a boat out for an entire day, weekend or even up to a 5 day trip.

We have a point system that allows lessees to trade in more valuable weekend slots for more weekday slots.

Again if you want to use the boat every weekend and for every big boating event then buy your own boat.

Full Share Program:

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11 Weekend + 20 Weekday Timeslots
Timeslots: Morning: 9am-1pm & Afternoon: 1pm-7pm  Every Day
Guaranteed Trips:  Up To one 5 Day Trip  or Two 3 Day Trips

People can buy more then one share.

Reserving Time slots for the season

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Before the season starts and after all of the lessees are committed each lessee will put in 15 wish list time slots they would each like to use the boat. (Air show, 4th of July, Birthdays, Memorial Day, Labor day Plus any 1-5 day trip requests) leaving the balance of the slots for sailing when slots are available. We will go through all the requests and try to grant as many of these time slots as possible.  For big special events such as the Chicago Air Show that 2-3 lessee’s want maybe they can share the boat on that day. Many of the 30-35’ long boats can safely handle 10-15 plus people. Many people may want to take the boat on 1-5 day trips, (a 5 Day trip would use up 10 slots) it would be best if they take those trips during the week when the value of those days were less and it would affect the rest of the group less with their plans. 35% of your allotted time slots we want to keep open so you can book them as you use them. Like a video store you can only have so many videos out and as you return one you can take another video out you can then make another reservation and it will keep the calendar open.

Last minute free spontaneous use – If the boat is not scheduled to be used 24 hours from the time you want to use it, you may take that slot and it won’t go against your unused time slots. Just logo into our scheduling system and claim the spot and it’s yours.

This is a new company and we want to come up with a plan that is fair to all the lessees.


  • Maximize the usable time of the yacht for each member
  • Make the schedule accessible/changeable 24/7/365
  • Create fair and equitable sharing system
  • Guarantee each member 5-7 uses per month
  • Allow spontaneous use at no extra charge if the yacht is available
  • Allow trip duration ranging from a 1/2 of a day to 5 days
  • An understanding that weekends and holidays are more desirable times and no one person will be able to get every time they want
  • Prevent any single Member from dominating the schedule
  • View both your past and future reservations, as well as those reservations of other members sharing the boat
  • Take unused time from a previous month, and borrow time from the next month to book up to 5 full days of continuous use
  • Communicate with the other Members sharing your boat